gccbcpl: a GCC front end for BCPL

What is gccbcpl?

The gccbcpl project is an attempt to create a native BCPL compiler using GCC.

The project currently exists as a simple standalone scanner and parser (along with some infrastructure), but development is now focused on a parser rewrite before any further work on GCC integration. We are using the active development (mainline) branch, which will be released as GCC 4.0. This was previously the tree-ssa branch, which was merged to mainline on 2004-05-13. This is being done to enable the use of the new GCC high-level intermediate representations (GENERIC and GIMPLE) and the optimisation framework based on the SSA form. The current development focus is based around validation of the BCPL grammar and the replacement of the Bison parser with a recursive-descent parser. Further work on the development of the infrastructure for GCC integration is currently suspended.

Code will become available to download from the gccbcpl SF project page shortly, so when you do try the parser on your own code and get errors, please let us know, so changes can be made to the grammar if required. Actually, even if you do get a clean parse, it would be nice to know the compiler worked for you.

The project is looking for more people to join the development and help testing. If you have previous experience with BCPL or GCC internals, please contact us and join the project.

gccbcpl-devel mailing list

Join the gccbcpl-devel mailing list by visiting the mailing list management page to stay current with development news and information about gccbcpl. Currently a low volume list, but as the project develops will become a useful resource for users and developers of gccbcpl. To post a message to all the list members, send email to gccbcpl-devel@lists.sourceforge.net. The list archives are also available.

Project timeline

2004-07-23: gccbcpl Resources available
2004-07-01: A GCC Front End for BCPL is published as part of the University of Bath Technical Report Series
2004-06-02 Join the gccbcpl-devel mailing list
2004-05-17: Project homepage goes live
2004-03-23: SourceForge.net project inception
2003-10-10: Project conception

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